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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day -- Buffalo-Style

Okay, okay, yes, Laura is well aware of the fact that she promised a major Hugh-Jackman- photographic-spread-with-relevant-personal-details, but first things first.  Because today Laura and Patti awoke to this fantastic piece in the Buffalo News by Anne Neville on GET OVER YOURSELF!  (Patti awoke to it, of course, since she's the one who lives in Buffalo.)  It's the first actual big spread on the book and not only is Patti splashed on the front page of the Living Section, but there's also a teaser photo of her on the actual front page of the paper, above the fold, and above a picture of Obama!  For those of you familiar with the soon-to-be-dead newspaper business, front page of anything is big, above the fold is huge, and above the fold above Obama is beyond measure!  So here's the link to the piece and for those of you with single friends, single relatives, single office mates, or friends with relationship problems, relatives with relationship problems, or office mates with relationship problems -- it's time now to start stocking up on the book.  Let Patti help you and your interpersonal-skills-challenged friends have the best new year everrrrrrrrr...

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namgiz said...

Hi Laura,
We love your new blogsite. The book is great! Best of luck to you and Patti.