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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hugh Jackman Decoy Photo #6

Lest anyone think it's just Laura who's obsessed with Hugh Jackman, let the record show that this photo of HJ -- with his 8-year-old-son at a Knicks game a few nights ago -- ran yesterday on the New York Daily News website. Clearly, Laura's not the only appreciator of Hugh Jackman's fabulousness.

She can't believe she's actually doing this, but as she was poking around trying to find the link to the photo on the NYDaily News' website, she came across a huge amount of photos of Hugh Jackman taken during his recent trip to NYC -- and so because they're so spectacular she's providing the link right here and right now to the Gossip website. Laura knows she's just crossed a line -- linking to a celebrity-news website -- and that doing so is a slippery slope -- who knows what she'll do next? -- but she just can't help it: so committed is she to providing her readers with the absolute best* photos of Hugh Jackman. (*Though let's be frank: has there ever been a shitty photo of Hugh Jackman? Laura doesn't think so and she dares anyone reading this to find one and tell her about it.)

And now for the personal connection between this 6th photo of Hugh Jackman and Laura, his 8-year-old son is named Oscar, and it was about Oscar that HJ was talking to Laura and Brendan while crouching down and looking at Ben in his car-seat that miserable day they visited the set of Animal Husbandry/Someone Like You. So as you can see, Laura has a special connection -- a true connection -- an actual connection -- with Hugh Jackman, which is why she feels entitled to write about him and talk about him and exploit him for the sake of increasing her brant readership.

Laura's got a great Hugh Jackman brant planned for tomorrow -- it's snowing in a big way right now, and Laura has to 1) finish this brant 2) take the ornaments off the now-dead and de-needling Christmas tree 3) bake cookies to bring her friends whose house they're going to tonight for New Year's Eve 4) use the treadmill 5) "do" her hair 6) wait for the Fed Ex guy who is allegedly coming with her brand new replacement Blackberry Curve 7) watch about seven more episodes of Drake and Josh, which, quite frankly, Laura thinks is funnier than any grown-up show.

And so on this last day of 2008 -- a year Laura's not particular sad to see close out -- she wishes a great new year to all of her friends, family, brant readers, and, of course, Hugh Jackman and his lovely family (for those of you moving on to the gigantic album on, you'll see HJ with his adorable daughter Ava [Laura can't believe she knows this without having to fact check the name and spelling right now] and his lovely wife Deborra-Lee Furness who [and Laura will save this for another brant] always gets a bad wrap for being, well, a normally attractive person instead of say a lingerie model. Whatever.)

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