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Monday, June 1, 2009

Real Estate Correction

Laura's friend Wendy sent her an email tonight to let her know that she always checks Laura's "brant links" and when she checked the link to Laura's house listing she discovered a major error:  namely, that the link Laura provided in yesterday's brant is to the wrong house!  Laura can't bear the thought that people think she lives in this other house that the link went to -- not that there was anything wrong with that other house! it's just not hers! -- so she's not only corrected the link in yesterday's brant but has provided a few photos of her actual house and the correct link in this emergency correction-brant.  Feel free to share the new correct house-link with anyone you think may possibly want to buy it.
Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Your house is freaking gorgeous. I would like to somehow have your interior design skills implanted into my brain at once.