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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jumping on the Hugh Jackman Bandwagon

Yes, okay, so Laura kind of fell of the face of the earth for the past few weeks (personal "issues") but in the time she's been away from her brant the world has jumped on the Hugh Jackman bandwagon. Big time.

And can you blame them?

Tomorrow night is Oscar night and people -- people besides the ever dementedly obsessed Laura! -- are getting Hugh Jackman Fever like never before.

Case in point: this article by Joel Stein of Time Magazine. See Joel Stein's face stuck on to the little body next to Hugh Jackman's face stuck on to another little body? Well, Stein was approached by Jackman's producing partner, John Palermo, to help write for the big night. What follows here if you click on the link is Stein's hilarious account of working with Hugh Jackman which confirms everything nice Laura has ever said about him -- based, you know, on one brief 5-minute encounter almost 10 years ago. But whatever. Here's a really great little excerpt:
"The only proof that we really were writing for the Oscars is that Jackman would visit our room for a couple of hours each day. To my surprise, the best kind of boss is a sexy boss. Jackman greeted each of us with a giant hug, which would have been a perfect test of how gay I am, except I was totally focused on making sure I wasn't crushed to death by his giant lats. So ... pretty gay. Jackman would laugh uproariously at everything we suggested, which is one of the huge advantages of writing for a noncomedian. He acted out all our stuff, belted out our songs while standing on furniture and even watched most of Be Kind Rewind with us for no good reason. He was so omniscient in his niceness that not only did he look sad when we played him the Christian Bale freak-out tape, but he also, after agreeing to record a parody of it, called Bale to make sure it was cool if we put it online. He even let me try on the real, $18,000 plastic Wolverine claws, which made me want to do a bit about the moon and body hair; the reaction made me realize I probably should have seen an X-Men movie before writing for Jackman."

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